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Changeover week at Las Rada

It has been a busy week. On Monday we took down all of the work that has been exhibiting since December 2nd at Las Rada Wine and Tapas Bar. That sentence just trips off the tongue, but if you recall the height of the gallery space on the stairs you will understand that it is not an easy process. It involves ladders, a long wooden pole with a hook on the end of it, strong arms, many hands to hold the ladder and offer ‘helpful’ suggestions about moving the pole to the left or right! And taking them down is the easy bit!

Some pieces have been re-hung in new locations to take advantage of different lighting, but the majority of the work has not been seen in Las Rada before. We continue to be very grateful to Joanne and Jules for inviting us to use this space.

Here is your last opportunity to see Helen’s ‘Lightning’ piece as it was sold on the opening night:

‘Triptique 1214’ came down from its position high on the stairwell where its beautiful colours had the benefit of great lighting and was much admired. It is a nuno felted piece onto hand dyed silk using merino wool, silk hankies, soya bean threads and silk threads. I bet Gaye will be glad to have it back to display in her own home!

Eimear’s ‘Going West’ has gone West too……..! It is a lovely piece showcasing Eimear’s skills at French knots and Cretan stitch.

……and Elaine’s ‘Connemara Heather’ has gone to …. well no, it hasn’t gone to Connemara, just Clondalkin! This vibrant needle felted piece includes a smooth piece of driftwood and would brighten up any wall space.

You will have to wait until the next blog post for snippets of some of the lovely new pieces that have been hung this week….. or drop in to the Tapas Bar to see them in the flesh!

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