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A new installation at Las Rada, Naas

We have just completed the installation of twelve new pieces of work at Las Rada Wine and Tapas bar in Naas.  Although we worked separately on our submissions for this collection, our individual pieces have woven themselves harmoniously into two distinct colour palettes, which we were able to hang as two separate groupings in the gallery space.

Nature is an unending source of inspiration for a textile artist, and many pieces in this collection use flowers, trees and the natural world as the basis for design.

Other w'Empathy', Eimear Molony (2)orks look at the marks made by man, either in the form of graffiti on an old wall,  the patterns made by shibori dying techniques on fabric or the marks we make through our human contacts, as in ‘Empathy’ by Eimear Molony, shown across.

It is all there to explore for the next eight weeks, so if you visit the restaurant be sure to pick up our catalogue and pause on the stairs to have a closer look.


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