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Art in the community

Many of our members share their skills with groups in the community.  Feltmaking is a wonderful process to learn in a group setting and is a very therapeutic medium.

Elaine recently provided a wet felting workshop in the Parish Centre in Clondalkin.  Elaine put on the workshop for people interested in learning about wet felting through play – particularly useful for art teachers and art therapists and those working with teenagers or older age groups.

Elaine vessel 2

“This was my 4th class in the parish centre – it is really the most beautiful space I have ever had the pleasure of teaching in – the light is incredible.  There were six participants in the workshop and the emphasis was more on play than work. Everyone was new to the medium and had different levels of creative confidence and experience.  Most had never wet felted before – so I had a little bit of mopping up to do.    

We created the felt and shaped it around inflated balloons to create the vessel shape – you can just see the balloons in the photos.  We let our imaginations run riot with different shapes, colours and finishes at the rim.  When the felt is dry, the balloon is burst leaving you with the wonderful felt sculptures”. 

Elaine vessel 1 (2)Elaine vessel 4 (2)

We were joined for the break by Sr. Clare who is a retired art teacher and art therapist who lives in the convent. She is currently working on iconography and painting with fibres.  Though she is in her 80s she continues to teach weekly art classes in the local community.  What a great role model for anyone with artistic interests.” Elaine





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