In June this year, Helen McLoughlin completed a Diploma in Art & Design at NCAD with modules in sculpture, photography, painting, film and visual culture. 

Her graduating body of work explores barriers in relation to privacy, security, isolation and the fragility of our existence. 

210 x 190 x 32 cm
DPC, Bolts, Tape

Barriers can engender a feeling safety and security, or the complete opposite, depending on perspective.  Primarily using Damp Proof Course (DPC) membrane, Helen created a series of large scale structures and installations, which she sited outdoors.  DPC is used as a barrier in the construction industry.

150 x 190 cm
DPC, Dogwood Branches

Searching for the aesthetic in the unusual, and concerned with materialism and the throwaway culture, Helen works largely with recycled or found materials, low value building products and organic matter; she allows her materials to lead the work.  Photography is also integral to her practice.

185 x 130 x 230 cm (variable),
DPC, running water allowed to pull and evolve its form

490 x 300 cm
Hazel Rods collected locally, netting

185 x 213 cm
Photographs on acetate, recycled screen

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