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Caring for your Fibre Art piece

If you have purchased or have been given a piece of fibre art, then you will be will be glad of these useful tips for caring for it, provided by Catherine Dowling.  These tips are particularly relevant for felted or woven pieces not framed behind glass but the first two apply to all art pieces :

  • Make sure your fibre art pictures or 3D items are not in direct sunlight as, over time, the light will bleach them.
  • Ensure items do not get damp and are free from pests such as moths
  • Examine the piece regularly for loose fibres or other damage.
  • If the piece is in good condition, dust with a soft, clean cotton cloth or soft natural bristle brush.
  • Dust slowly and gently in one direction – being careful not to catch any delicate fibres or distort the fibre composition.
  • Do not use cleaning products.
  • To clean stains, use a clean, damp cotton cloth and gently dab the affected area.
  • If in doubt, ring the artist for an opinion or take it to a professional to get cleaned.

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