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Celtic inspiration in wearable art!

We are slightly late for a St. Patrick’s Day post, but the annual celebration of all things Irish reminded me of this little gem. Isn’t this a divine piece of textile alchemy?   Eimear Molony rolled up to our last meeting wearing this broach on her lapel – yes it is a broach! Only 5cm x 8cm at most it is miniature artwork at its best.  Such detailed work on such a small piece of fabric.  Now we all want one!


Broach by Eimear Molony

Layers of wool fibre have been trapped onto a base fabric using an embellisher.  A hand made cord has been couched onto the ground in a spiral pattern and then beads and hand embroidery added.   The edges have been finished in satin stitch.

Eimear may not have had our patron saint in mind when she made the broach but we think it is a fitting way for element15 to commemorate the day, albeit a little late!

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