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Daffodils and Bluebells

The daffodils are gone and the bluebells are fading but Dee Kelly was going through her stash of yarns and came across all these colours which reminded her of the glory that was outside so recently.


Dee says “On their own they are a bit too vibrant but I combined them in a weaving project which produced a great result – the colours worked together just like layering in textile art.  The loud yellow is muted and the blues are zinging.

Sometimes I just throw out my yarn onto a table or the floor, which gives space to move the colours around.  If I have difficulty combining colours, I think of what works well together in nature.  Glossy garden magazines are a great inspiration for colour combinations.


I warped (threaded) my weaving loom and just started weaving – mixing the colours and textures. The finished result is a large scarf which brightens up any Winter to Spring outfit”.


Thanks Dee for the fresh colour combinations!

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