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Our work is going abroad!

Greetings from the collective of artists that are element15. Since our online exhibition at the end of September we have been trying to get the creativity moving again without our monthly meetings to offer mutual support and peer critique. It is not easy during the current level 5 restrictions but creativity will out, one way or another.

We have had some lovely enquiries about work featured on our website which has evolved into sales of both featured pieces and work not yet shown. We are very grateful for the support and encouragement that comes to an artist with the sale of their work. Below are images of the pieces that have gone to new homes in Ireland and Australia. It helps that all the works from the recent ‘Impenetrable’ exhibition are unframed so are easy to ship/post.

‘Impenetrable Forest’ | Pauline Kiernan | 28 x 28 cm

Purple Haze | Dee Kelly | 10 x 13 cm

Running in Circles | Dee Kelly | 12 x 31 cm

Nature’s Headspace | Dee Kelly | 19 x 24 cm

Secret Garden I, Hannaleena Ahonen

Secret Garden I | Hannaleena Ahonen | 25 x 26 cm

No Way Through | Fidelma Barton | 33 x 42 cm

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