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Flurry of sales…

We have had a flurry of sales in recent weeks in the two venues where we are resident artists.  This is really great news for those who have sold pieces. By purchasing an artwork, the buyer is acknowledging the talant of the artist and giving encouragement to that artist to keep working at what they love.

IMG_1519 (1)First off, Kay McKenna’s piece ‘Green at Heart’ was sold.

This piece was on exhibit in Two Cooks restaurant, Sallins.

It is a fun and vibrant depiction of a kiwi that would look great in any kitchen.





IMG_1730Then Elaine’s ‘Wild Salmon chasing an illusion’ was purchased – again in Two Cooks.

This three dimensional sculpture is wet felted using Finnish and Australian fine merino wool.  It captures the ever changing colours and energy of the salmon on its life journey.











14207684_937924896319309_5399889257600664690_oNext up was Eimear’s ‘Sun’s Farewell’ sold at Las Rada Wine and Tapas bar in Naas.

This piece depicts the sun at the end of the day and was made using free machine embroidery on soluable film which is then dissolved leaving the stitching, fibres and scraps of fabric melded to form a new piece of fabric.






14305222_943512375760561_361179880552799181_oFinally ‘Entangled’ by Dee Kelly was sold, also from Las Rada.

This piece was produced by using soya wax on paper and fabric and then stitching on silver three dimensional shapes formed by using a glue gun of all things!   That’s creative.

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