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Focus on Vanessa

Focusing this week on Vanessa Scott Hayward, another of our group who is quietly making her mark in the online business world using her creative talent. Vanessa set up her design studio, ‘Six0Six Design’ in 2011 near Straffan, Co. Kildare, producing personalized stationery and handmade gifts which she sells online.

Vanessa works with paper and vintage materials sourced from second hand stalls, charity shops, auction houses, flea markets under bridges and book shops down winding lanes.   “I love using materials that have a history to them and a lot of the designs in my business stem from this. The vintage maps that I use in my Keepsake Boxes, the novels in my Wedding Wreaths and the dictionaries and comic books I use all have their own stories that I think add an extra something to the finished piece“.

six0six design’s best sellers are the personalised pens and pencils. There is something for everyone from custom film pens to personalised music pencils. Gifts for book lovers and literary fans such as this Shakespeare Pencil Set.


Vanessa will design unique gifts for special occasions using maps to make pens, cards, framed prints, keepsake boxes and pendents that will have very special significance to those receiving the gift.

Vanessa participates in The Give Collective UK which is a group of designers who promote their wares through giving!  Their Mother’s Day giveaway includes a beautiful set of Vanessa’s Pride & Prejudice handmade pencils.


Vanessa’s studio is a treasure trove of found objects. ‘I love to trawl flea markets, charity shops and second hand stores. I have an ever growing collection of vintage books, old magazines and maps. The shelves in my studio are filled with boxes of slides, old film reels, clock movements. dried leaves, seed heads. All these things become a part of the process. My studio is a place of inspiration with all my collections surrounding me’.

This studio is also where Vanessa works on her textile and paper art works for element15.  Like many of our group, Vanessa carries a sketchbook with her where she jots down ideas, and rounds out her ideas:  ‘mainly an idea will start in my head, I’ll sketch it out, sometimes leaving it for a week or a month. I’ll think away at it and then I start working on prototypes. I love to work in 3D, making models, samples. It gives me a real feel for the idea.  Having an idea and the process of turning it into something tangible is one of the most satisfying feelings that you can have.’


This is ‘Life in Tempo’ a piece by Vanessa, incorporating mono-printed music sheets woven and stitched with free machine embroidery.

Keep up the creativity Vanessa.



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