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Every shade of grey!

We are thrilled to hear that an image of Asta’s work is being published in an inspirational new book – “Worldwide Colours of Felt”.   This beautiful book contains over 800 images by felt artists from all over the world, divided into 10 different colour chapters. We can’t wait!   It will be available from early June from http://textiellink.nl/en/worldwide-colours-of-felt.

Here is your preview of Asta’s sleeveless coat which looks amazing and would be lovely and warm for these chilly days!

13087770_997554313662918_7193820211329972648_n (1)

Asta made the coat using nuno felting technique.   The pattern was drawn and cut from plastic sheeting.  Then silk chiffon was laid on the plastic pattern and a tiny layer of wool and decorations were laid on the top and worked into the silk to create a very fine felt.  The decorations consist of different types of silk chiffon , lace, silk fibers, knitting yarns, a bit of linen fabric and silk pongee layered on top and worked into the felt.  Some of the silk chiffon bits were different colours (left over scraps).
Asta used prefelt for the bottom part of the garment (with the holes) and under it she put a layer of wensleydale curly, unwashed, uncombed, raw wool.
After the garment was finished she decided to go for various shades of grey instead of the multicolour piece it had become and put it all into the dyeing pot……. where the different fibres took the wool dye to varying degrees giving a lovely overall colour effect.  I am trying to resist using the term ‘fifty shades of grey’!   As you can see in the image below, the linen fabric stubbornly resisted any attempt at dying it with wool dye!
You can see more of Asta’s work on our Gallery page.    Well done Asta!

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