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Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Expressions of love and romance take many forms – from a Hallmark Card, to flowers that fade, to a long lasting, treasured hand made gift.    Although these pieces were not made with Valentine’s Day in mind, I thought they were appropriate to share on this day.

Hannaleena Ahonen recently finished an unusual piece entitled ‘What is Your Story?’  It incorporates hand stitching on linen fabric and pages from an old magazine.  The piece is redolent of the stitched samplers of older times with a contemporary twist.  Love appears to be blossoming in this story!


Catherine Domican has a piece that also has romantic connotations.  ‘Charmed Connections’ is a felted textile embellished with metallic threads, found objects, silk paper and ice dyed linen.  The piece represents some of the emotional connections that we have made in our lives – through nature, music and the written word.  This beautifully crafted envelope definitely contained a love letter!

Enjoy your day, whether love blooms or not!

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