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Impenetrable – Covid19

In January, before these strange times hit Ireland, we picked the word ‘Impenetrable’ as a common theme for our work this year. In today’s post, Rina Whyte brings us through some of her notebook work and how the theme and the current pandemic have dovetailed for her:

Since the very start of our project on ‘Impenetrable’ I had been thinking about this virus and how impenetrable it has proven to be. I have used the weekend newspapers each week to inform my work and have also physically brought them into my work in collages, using them in notebook work and stitching into them. They have formed a visual record and given me the challenge of creating with paper.

Spring in all her glory has also been calling me; the beautiful colours, the vibrancy and growth – it seems like she is laughing in the face of this pandemic.

The ritual of keeping this ‘diary’ allows me some control or at the very least it will allow me to look back at what seems to be the biggest and scariest thing that has ever happened and yet I have still had my paints, paper, thread and the ritual of doing something that I find comfort in.

The process also feels like a journey of transition, marking what was, how it was and the journey of where we are going to.

The two collages above are of Dublin and Italy. A homage in some way to both cities in their empty streets and in their loss. They are images of pages from my notebooks, with paper collage, stitch, ink and paint.

Thanks Rina for sharing the thoughts behind your work – pieces of the Irish Times might start appearing in all our work now!

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