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Making felt lilys with Asta

At February’s monthly Make and Meet one of our members Asta Gauronskyte very kindly showed us how to make the beautiful felt lilies that she creates. If you were at our Christmas Exhibition you would have seen her beautiful botanically inspired couture on display. (image below)

Asta started us off with making the stamen She then showed us how to make the ‘petal’ part of the lily.

Asta explained how she had taken apart an actual lily to understand the shapes and form of it, when starting to make them.

You lay out your fibres in the shape of a heart

They are then wrapped around each other and felted to completion. You can see some of our finished results below

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Coming soon, news on our upcoming Easter Exhibition…

– from all at Naas Felt and Fibre

You can find Asta on her facebook page here  or her Etsy shop here

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