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A mixed bag

Artist’s Sketchbooks   :  We have covered this topic before, but I have a great admiration for an artist who constantly has a sketchbook on the go.  I am probably too eager to get stuck in to working on an actual piece than to spend the time drawing, sketching, making notes, taking photographs and experimenting with textures and colours on paper.

Not a problem for Eimear, whose notebooks are works of art in their own right, an exciting investigation of media and ideas taking you on a journey of exploration that leads to a finished piece.

We, as a group, are working on our reticence around keeping a visual diary exploring our thought processes.  Rose Mary Cullen, lecturer at NCAD, has worked with us on a few occasions, encouraging us in a daily practice and giving us the basic skills.

Again, to Eimear, this was easy-peasy as you can see in these sample pages, exploring the textures and outlines of hazel trees.

There is a short summer course in NCAD in July called “Drawing & Research in Sketchbooks” – so some of us are stepping out of our comfort zone and plan to apply!!  If our explorations on paper are any good you will get to see them here – if not we will be keeping it quiet!!!!


Incognito :  And, talking about keeping quiet, we managed not to let the cat out of the bag by showing you any of the pieces we donated to Incognito, the fund-raising sale of art in aid of the Jack and Jill Foundation.  The project was a great success with queues for up to three hours to get in to see the actual pieces and make a purchase at the Solomon Gallery.   The artist’s name is now revealed with each image on the Incognito website, but remnants of secrecy still applies as, having been unable to complete a trawl through all the 1500 images, I am still not sure how many of our group submitted work.   Here are snippets from Kathrina and Barbara’s submissions – again only one of the three pieces they submitted each!

Kathrina Hughes, rust dye on linen, hand stitch

Barbara Seery, painted bondaweb on muslin

What a great fundraising idea and for the artists it was not too difficult to contribute as each piece was postcard size.  I am sure we will see this initiative again – hopefully in a bigger venue next time so the queue to buy won’t be so long!!

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