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Needle Felting

At January’s felting meeting we had a very productive start to the year. One of our members, Kay, demonstrated how to needle felt the cutest little creatures you ever did see.


For needle felting all you need is wool, felting needles and a sponge (you can buy purpose made needle felting ‘sponges’ but I think that washing up sponges work just fine).   Kay showed us how to make mice and penguins, I chose the mouse.

 You start with a loose wad of wool and slowly start needle felting it into the shape you want. Be careful of your fingers!           Each needle has tiny little barbs along it’s length that felt the wool.  On the left of the picture you can see a broken needle.

You make an oval shape for the body

And a smaller round ball shape for the head

Next you roughly needle felt the two body parts together.

Wrap some wool around the join and get needling. You can see the mouse start to take shape.

Then add the ears, feet and tail. Each piece should be roughly needle felted into the shape you want before adding to the body.

Add pretty soon you will have a lovely little mouse. (add beads for the eyes if you want)

This is Kay’s mouse and it looks ten times more ‘mouse like’ than mine!

And check out the cute little penguins that some of the other made, amazing right?

Such a fantastic night ladies and  a huge thank you to Kay for her amazing teaching skills as always.

Tomorrow evening will be our February Felting meeting where we will be learning to make finger puppets.

If you are interested in attending we would love to see you there, please email Vanesssa at

naasfeltandfibre [at] gmail [dot] com

for times and details.

Hope you enjoyed the post. All comments welcome.


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