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Postcards from the edge

We just wanted to take the opportunity this week to remind you that the Jack and Jill Foundation fundraising initiative Incognito will be kicking off in early April.  This Public Art Initiative called on artists to create a postcard-size piece of art, or two, by the 1st February deadline, to raise funds for the children’s charity.

The 1500 postcard-size works of art will be exhibited at the Solomon Gallery in Dublin in April 2017 and will be for sale for just €50 each (following a public viewing online). The artists’ names, some very well-known, will remain incognito until the card is purchased and the artist’s signature is revealed on the back of the card. The mission is for artists – including the talents of Thomas Ryan, Martin Gale, Robert Ryan, Jonathan Yeo, Desmond Morris and Peter Curling who have already committed – to paint, draw, collage or photograph on a small card (provided to their home or studio).

Some members of element15 have participated in this fundraiser – unfortunately we can’t show you any snippets of our work as, of course, we are Incognito!!

The exhibition can be viewed online when the website goes live this coming weekend 1st April at   www.incognito.ie

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