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Reaction to new work

Our new exhibition of work in Las Rada Wine and Tapas Bar in Naas is getting a really good reaction from visitors to the restaurant and has generated a sale.  It is a colourful collection, bright and full of promise for a summer we are yet to get!!


‘Summer Seas’, Helen McLoughlin

Helen’s small but exquisite piece uses a ground of Egyptian cotton and layers metallic and acrylic painted filament to create this summer scene, inspired by the colours of the ocean and seashells.  You can almost feel the broken shells and see the mica sparkle in the wet sand as the water recedes.

‘The Summit’, Kathrina Hughes

Kathrina has captured the colours and textures of our mountain landscape in this wonderful piece, which has just had a red sticker put on it!!   She used layered cotton, dyed scrim, silk paper and chiffon to create the undulating vista, and embellished the foreground with hand and machine stitch to create grasses and wild flowers.  The piece will remain in the exhibition for another two weeks if you want to see it.

‘Vortex of a Society’, Eimear Molony

Eimear has, perhaps, captured the mood of a lot of parents now that school is out for the summer !  Her colourful, large piece is a reflection on society’s tolerance of a frantic lifestyle and how we forget to acknowledge the smaller, important events around us. Eimear used a felt ground with wool tops, voile and organza layered. She then went wild with free machine embroidery drawing – no mean feat!

Enjoy the vortex of the summer  holidays!

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