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Screen Printing Workshop with Liz Nilsson

We recently did a workshop on screen printing with Liz Nilsson, textile artist, over Zoom. Any doubts about how successful that exercise would be were quickly dispelled as Liz is so organised and had the supplies we needed delivered to us in advance along with a list of other requirements. Liz is very knowledgeable and a patient teacher, unstinting in her willingness to share her expertise. She managed to demystify the process that had seemed, to me at least, too messy to do at home. By emphasising that the day was about having fun and not producing a piece of art, we managed to enjoy ourselves, learn the basics and produce some pieces of printed fabric that might, eventually, be incorporated into future work.

Liz Nilsson’s website is www.Liz Nilsson.com. or www.lizinspires.com. She is a facilitator, teacher and yoga instructor and a fine print maker. Thanks Liz for a great experience.

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