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Snippets from our exhibition at Las Rada

I promised two weeks ago to show you some snippets of the work currently hanging in the gallery space at Las Rada Wine and Tapas Bar, Naas.  This is proving to be a very successful exhibition with lots of positive feedback and one, possibly two, pieces sold.

‘Above and Below’ by Marie Dunne
Hungarian bats wool, rovings and yarns, hand-dyed Wensleydale curls and silk cocoons. Wet felted and embellished with silk cocoons

‘Throwaway’ by Helen McLoughlin
Screen print, metallic paint, chiffon with machine and hand stitch
‘Marrakesh Courtyard’ a group piece produced by five of the group.
This piece was made using block printing with metallic paints on handmade Indian paper,
layered with chiffon and hand stitch, then mounted onto perspex.  It was inspired by the colourful Moroccan floor tiles in Las Rada.  Rumour has it that it found a buyer!

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