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Summer Ending… time to get creative again!

We have really enjoyed the summer break and, as autumn approaches, our minds are turning to creativity again.  A few of us met up on a lovely Tuesday evening at the Acre Project beside Salesians College, Celbridge.  We had never used this space before – the workroom is large and bright with ceiling to floor windows at the front and back – ideal for close work.  The back window looks out onto a beautiful garden, with was being tended to by two gentlemen while we were there.


Leaf print

Vanessa took the lead on the session and brought loads of papers, paints and crafty stuff for us to play with.  We went out to the garden and picked some leaves, grasses, twigs etc and then used these as our inspiration to paint/print with.  I made some nice prints and now look forward to adding some stitching to them.

Another exercise that Vanessa showed us, was to take a page from a book or magazine.  Black out some of the words and create a poem, a verse or a sentence to incorporate into a piece of art.  Who knows it could be the opening line to the next Bestseller.  The opening line to my bestseller will be: Jenny raced out extremely startled by a sudden crash.


Gaye provided the refreshments – homemade Elderflower cordial, which was so good.  Summer in a glass!

The evening flew by and it was a shame to have to pack up and leave the lovely setting. Everyone agreed it would be great to use the workroom again in the near future.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone again after the summer break and seeing all the creative work inspired by summer holidays whether taken at home or abroad.

Dee Kelly


Lavender print

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