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Summer Textile Retreat

Kathrina recently attended a week of textile workshops in Dundrum with Sidella O’Brien.  One of the workshops held during the week was one using indigo dye, led by Kathryn Davis, which Kathrina really enjoyed.
 indigo dye 1450

Indigo dye, which comes from a plant, is one of the oldest dyes used for coloring fabrics – used for thousands of years –  and it is the one still used today to color blue jeans.

indigo dye cotton1449
This natural dye process has long been and is still used in many cultures around the world. The unique characteristics of indigo dyeing make it easy to create wonderful resist patterns on fabric.   A darker dye colour is achieved by repeat dipping in the dye bath and exposing it to the air.
Indigo dye silk 1448
We look forward to seeing some of these lovely cloths used in Kathrina’s future work

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