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3D work to the fore

We may be going through a 3D phase as is evidenced by the recent work of our members:

20150728_171715Rose Cronin has produced a series of these nesting pods, using Finnish wool with naturally dyed silk carrier rods.

Her inspiration came from watching house martin’s sculpt and shape their nests and made her want to create her own interpretation of this small bird’s masterpiece

If you look closely you will see that the inside of the pod has wonderful colours and pattern which reflects the flora in her garden.




Kay McKenna has produced three wonderful vessels, each very different.

Her inspiration has also come from nature, namely her garden.

This piece entitled ‘Summer Decanter’ might be inspired by more than her garden if the name is anything to go by!

Kay worked with Finnish wool and silk fabric for this vessel, using a wet felting technique.

Again, the inside of this vessel is as pretty as the outside!



Cornucopia, KHKathrina Hughes was inspired by the transformation of poppies into delicate seed heads, that will disperse their seeds for propagation to appear, yet again, on disturbed soil at the sides of our motorways and roadsides.

Kathrina used wire, cotton, silk yarn, paper (cotton and abaca pulp) and embellished each seed head with hand stitch an metallic ink.

The seed heads are mounted on a beautiful elm wood stand.




IMG_1730And the last of the 3D pieces to feature in this post is the work of Elaine Peden.

She has used a wet felting technique on Finnish and Australian fine merino wool, spun mohair, hand dyed prefelt to create this impressive creature.

She is inspired by the ever-changing colours of the salmon on its life journey, its movement and energy.

It is called ‘Wild Salmon chasing an Illusion’