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Hard to part with something so beautiful!

Congratulations to Elaine Peden on the sale of her wonderful felted wall hanging, ‘Wetlands, Aerial View’.  The piece was on display at the Kilteel St. Brigid’s Arts Weekend (3-5th February) and was snatched up on the opening night by someone who said ‘she really wanted to give it a good home’!  I am sure Elaine was pleased to hear that comment, as such a beautiful piece must be hard to let go after all the hours of labour.


Elaine was inspired by the beauty of our natural river basins, the reflection of light on water and the moss green patterns that evolve from the reflected forest.  Elaine wishes to highlight the need to protect the water quality in our streams and rivers through this piece.

This work is very large, 61 x 25 inches, and makes a dramatic impact.

The foundation consists of two Corridale fibre layers and two layers of fine merino wool, dyed silk rods, silk hankies and silk throwsters waste.  It is embellished with sequins and lace.

There were a number of techniques used : wet felting, nuno felting with 3D elements using resists and later cut back.

Springtime Activity

Well it has been a while since we posted anything…. it seems that most of our group have been struck down since Christmas by one of the many bugs and viruses doing the rounds.  We haven’t been entirely inactive and I thought I would give you some updates on the things we have managed to do!

Our work for 2015:

We have embraced the New Year with a new theme…. ‘Connection’ … around which all our work will be based for 2015.   We are hoping to explore how we can bring more emotional depth and complexity to our pieces, working individually and in small groups.   


We have started ‘notebooks’ exploring and

researching what the theme means to each of us (see snippets in the photos across). 

To some of us it is an emotional connection through family, friendship and love or, perhaps, historical connections to a home or to a piece of land.  To others it is

elements of connection through the process of communication; letters/telegrams and their modern equivalents.

To others it is the skills of one generation appearing in the next generation. It is a very broad theme but already there are emotional depths being explored.  

All we have to do now is interpret them into textile art – easy peasy!!  

St Brigid’s Arts Festival, Kilteel

Some of our group exhibited in the Art Exhibition in Kilteel from 30th January to 1st February The festival celebrates the coming of spring and revolves around an art exhibition.  There is a lovely opening night with wine, nibbles and music.  The weekend also includes workshops for adults and children, music in many forms, poetry reading around an outdoor fire, lots of singing, some dancing and plenty of tea and coffee served on vintage china.  Oh and the making of St. Brigid’s crosses from local rushes.   

Catherine D exhibited and sold a felted piece called ‘Four Colours Blue’ and Dee K exhibited and sold a stitched piece aptly titled ‘Awaiting Spring’. 

Dee says:  ‘ I always think that once February 1st arrives I am over the worst part of winter. The snowdrops start to appear with the longer, brighter days.  So with new life and colour bursting forth around us there should be plenty of inspiration for textile art’

For more information on the Festival and Art Exhibition go to their Facebook page – Kilteel St. Brigids Arts Weekend.

That is all for now…. next week I will give you a peek at a session we did making a collagraph and printing from it and give you a last peek at the pieces hanging in Las Rada since December before we take them down.