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Pluid Project – National Comfort Blanket

In February a national callout was made to every artist, maker or creator in the land to collaborate to create Pluid – a national comfort blanket by submitting a single 15cm X 15cm original art work in any medium. The brief was ‘what gives you comfort and solace during this pandemic’. It appears that many of us have found a new respect for our surroundings, our outdoor spaces, our hobbies and our families.

The individual art works will be curated and assembled like crocheted granny squares of old and then exhibited at a venue (to be confirmed) when restrictions allow in Midsummer, June 2021. Following the exhibition of Pluid, artists will be invited to donate their works to be auctioned for Pieta House, working to prevent suicide and self harm. 

It is a wonderful idea and well done to the artists who are organising it. Watch out for the auction and bid for your favourite piece. Instagram: @pluid.project2021. Here are four artworks contributed by element15 members that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on:

Poolbeg, Pauline Kiernan
Marie Dunne
Eimear Molony
Trish Webb Duffy

Something glorious!

Two of our group, Marie and Elaine, had pieces of their work chosen to exhibit in ‘Kaleidoscope’, an exhibition held recently in the Botanic Gardens by the Irish Feltmakers Association and oh what glorious and colourful pieces they were!  We couldn’t resist showing you their work:


This is ‘Carnival’ by Marie Dunne.

Marie was inspired by the movement and colours in a carnival when all the lights are on and everything is spinning around.  Most carnival rides are round and their spinning reminds Marie of a kaleidoscope with all the colours of nature exploding at once.


This is a large piece, formed from two layers of felt.

The first layer consists of a layer of prefelt, two layers of very find merino wool into which circles of different sizes were laid to form raised pockets and then a layer of silk haboti was placed on top.  These elements were then wet felted together and hand stitched with rows of different braids and threads around the circles.

The top layer was made in the same way but without the raised circular pockets and then circles of various sizes were cut out by hand.  Both pieces were hand dyed and connected with a space between them to convey a sense of movement and shadow.



3993 Canon edited (410x1024)

This is ‘Aerial View ‘ by Elaine Peden

Elaine was inspired by the beauty of our natural river basins, the reflection of light on water and the colours and moss green patterns that evolve from the reflected forest.  Elaine wishes to highlight the need to protect the water quality in our streams and rivers through this piece.

This work is very large – 61 x 25 inches – and makes a dramatic impact.

The foundation consists of two Corridale fibre layers and two layers of fine merino wool, dyed silk rods, silk hankies and silk throwsters waste.  It is embellished with sequins and lace.

There were a number of techniques used : wet felting, nuno felting with 3D elements using resists and later cut back.