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Reduced Existence

Apologies that we haven’t posted anything on our blog since last November.  This pandemic has reduced our existence into little boxes, separate individual worlds where we are slowly losing our ability, and our willingness, to communicate and keep in touch with one another.   As an artist collective we get an enormous amount of support from meeting as a group and seeing each other’s work in progress.  But that has been denied to us for many months now and we are each trying to work away on our own with the odd Zoom meeting thrown in to keep us going.    

But all is not lost.  The additional time we now have at our disposal is being put to good use.  We are creating, experimenting, exploring new techniques, attending online courses and planning for the future.  We are working on an exhibition which will take place later this year (we hope) and we will share some more detail about it shortly.

In the meantime, here is some of Elaine’s work in progress.  Elaine is repurposing existing art pieces and also clothing and floor rugs to form something new – deconstructing, cutting, dying and stitching.   The results are very beautiful.


Broken Heart, Elaine Peden, element15       Broken Heart, Elaine Peden, element15

‘Broken Heart’, Elaine Peden


Hidden Garden, Elaine Peden, element15

‘Hidden Garden’, Elaine Peden