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Work in Progress

Every now and then it is nice to glimpse some work in progress and guess at what it might look like when it is finished.

Catherine Dowling is working on a new felted piece in preparation for Spring perhaps!?!


Kathrina Hughes is working on a Kantha stitched piece.  Kantha is a type of embroidery from Western Bengal and Bangladesh whereby old pieces of sari and old clothes are layered and held together by decorative stitches to form a quilt or new piece of clothing.  In some traditions this method was used to make quilts which a bride would give to her new husband.   What will Kathrina’s piece turn out to be?


And Marie Dunne has created these wonderful, delicate leaves – where will they end up?


And Asta Gauronskyte is felting whenever she gets time between preparing for the Craft Fair in the RDS on the first weekend in December.  Here is a snippet from her current work – it doesn’t take a lot of guessing to see what these are going to be:


Watch this space for more on these and other works in progress from element15.

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